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Intercooler Water Spray Kit v2 Stage 1

$79.31 $73.36

• Intercooler Sprayers as a lowest price and effort way to cool down intercoolers. By wetting an intercooler’s surface with the Water Sprayer and then hot air on the cooling fins, the intercooler is further chilled resulting in a cooler denser intake charge enhancing a vehicle’s performance for extended periods of time.
• Minimum %10 reduce the intake air temperature
• Intercooler Water Sprayer Kit comes complete with reservoir, mounting hardware, flexible hose lines, wiring, push-button activation switch nozzle tubes, connectors.
• The kit triggered by user-controlled push button switch.
• Universal kit designed for all air to air intercoolers and heat exchangers.
• Can be used the engine coolant radiator cooler, oil cooler, and air conditioner radiator cooler.
• Lightweight construction.
• 1.25-quart tank capacity Height 175mm x Width 125mm x Depth 90mm.
Voltage: 12V
• Push Button Switch Mount Diameter: 12mm
Jet Mount Diameter: 8mm
Wiring Loom Length: 48cm
• Complete kit includes all hardware and instructions.

Download Intercooler Water Sprayer Stg1 Pdf

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        1. 1.25 Quart (1 liter)  tank
        2. Tank Lid
        3. 12v pump
        4. 12v led
        5. Clear Tube
        6. Pigtail harness with electrical connector
        7. Push Button Switch
        8. 2 x Jets
        9. 2 x Plastic washer
        10. 2 x Metal washer
        11. 2 x Metal m8 nuts
        12. Hose Tee
        13. Hose Straight
        14. Mounting hardware
        15. Installation manual


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